The clitoris - the not so small miracle

The secret is out! If you're reading this, you already know: At 7-12 cm, the clitoris is definitely not as small as many people assume. T he clitoris is an amazing organ that has been misrepresented in literature for decades and made smaller than it actually is.

There is some pretty impressive anatomy behind the primary pleasure organ, read and be amazed!

Once you have read this article, the following questions will be answered:
What is the clitoris and where is it located?
How is the clitoris structured and what function does it actually have?
What is the importance of the clitoris in connection with orgasm?

Everything you need to know about anatomy

What most textbooks refer to as “the clitoris” is actually just the tip of the iceberg. The small pearl above the vaginal entrance, which is also often called the clitoris, is actually called the clitoral glans . Together with the clitoral hood, it is the only thing that is visible from the outside of the clitoris. But there is so much more to it: the clitoral shaft , the clitoral thighs and the clitoral erectile tissue . It lies inside the body and runs to the left and right of the urethra and the vaginal opening. With all its parts, the clitoris is, as already mentioned, between 7-12 cm in size and also plays an amazingly important role in the body. Take a look at the graphic :

Clitoris: location and name. Clitoral glans, clitoral shaft, clitoral thigh, clitoral corpus cavernosum. Enlightenment. Sexual education, empowerment

Function of the clitoris

The clitoris is a pure pleasure organ and is equipped with more nerve fibers than any other organ. Up to 8,000 nerve endings converge in the clitoral glans and respond to touch and stimulation. During sexual arousal, the clitoris, similar to the penis, achieves an erection. The erectile tissue fills with blood and swells in this way. This makes the clitoris more sensitive and the glans more visible to the outside. During sexual arousal, the clitoris can become many times larger and be up to three times as thick as when it is not erect. As the sex therapist Alisa... I think described it very well: “We are all made of the same components, they are just arranged in different ways.” If you look closely at the structure of a penis and the structure of a clitoris, you can see how similar the two organs actually look and have a very similar structure.

Clitoris and orgasm

80-90 percent of people with vulvas who masturbate typically use little to no vaginal penetration, including the use of vibrators. From this you can clearly see the importance of the clitoris in achieving orgasm. Although orgasmic ability depends on so much more than just clitoral stimulation, clitoral stimulation can be a significant part of it
Regardless of what you 've learned from movies, romance novels, or pornography, the reality is that fewer than a third of women reliably achieve orgasms through vaginal penetration alone. The remaining two-thirds sometimes, rarely, or never orgasm through penetration alone. So if you've ever asked yourself why you can't reach orgasm through pure penetration during sex, this could be one of the many possible answers for you. Penetration is not anatomically a very effective way to stimulate the clitoris, and clitoral stimulation is the most common way to achieve orgasm. So the question you should ask yourself is not so much: "Why can't I come from pure penetration ?" but rather: "Why can some women come from pure penetration?".

Vaginal orgasm and how do I get there?

There are a few hypotheses as to why orgasm through pure penetration is possible for some people with vulvas. A) Through stimulation of the G-spot = stimulation of the front wall of the vagina and thus the urethral sponge (similar to the prostate) or B) through stimulation of the clitoris erectile tissue, which runs to the left and right of the vagina entrance. In this case, a vaginal orgasm would again be a clitoral orgasm, except that the clitoris is stimulated at a different point. The clitoris contributes an important part to orgasm, but there is so much more to the ability to orgasm than just clitoral stimulation. If you would like to know more about orgasm and the ability to orgasm, you are welcome to read more here .

Why is it important to know this?

You might be thinking to yourself, “What exactly does this knowledge about the clitoris change for me in terms of my sexuality and why is it so important to know?” The climax and pleasure categorized as female is still a big taboo topic. That's why there are many myths and half-knowledge circulating about this organ. Breaking with these half-truths and really knowing about your own body is the first step towards a sexuality free of charms.

In the spirit of the saying: “Know your body to give it what it needs” (unknown)

Implement knowledge and experience your body

Game practice

Material: hand mirror

Take a few minutes and find an undisturbed room. Look at your vulva in the mirror and go on a journey of discovery.

Have you ever taken a closer look at your clitoris and felt it?
Do you recognize your clitoral hood and can you feel the clitoral shaft behind the clitoral glans?

Have fun discovering!

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