Can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order, please email us immediately at You will then receive an answer from us within one day.
Since our products are shipped quickly, your request may arrive late. In this case, it is best to make use of the right of withdrawal (see next question).

How does the return work?

If you would like to exercise the right of withdrawal and return your item within the first 14 days, send us an email requesting a return to or use the contact page .

Unfortunately, the return shipping costs must be borne by the customer.

How do I make use of the warranty?

If your product has defects that are our fault, you can return it within the first three years and a new one will be sent to you. Please note that only products that were delivered in demonstrably poor condition will be refunded. Our products are illustrative models. We are therefore not liable for falls or damage due to use.

For warranty inquiries, please email a picture of the damaged product to .

What payment options are there?

You can pay with Paypal, Klarna (bank transfer or installment payment) and credit card.

What do I do if my order doesn't arrive?

Shipping can take between two and ten days. For reliable, fast shipping, you can use the “Express Shipping” option.

Otherwise, please wait until 10 days after placing your order and then write to us using the contact form if your order still has not arrived.

Where can I find a list of shipping costs and shipping times?

On each product page you will find a menu item entitled “Shipping costs & shipping times”. Everything is listed there in detail.

You can then specifically select the shipping options during checkout.

How do I use voucher codes?

Voucher codes can be entered in the “Checkout”. You automatically receive free shipping for orders worth €40 or more.

Is there a discount on bulk orders?

For large orders, you can contact us personally using the contact form to request a discount.

Can the products be used as sex toys?

No, our products are intended purely for educational and decorative purposes.
We accept no legal liability in the event of misuse.

Will there be further sex education products?

Yes, we are currently working on condom scrapers and vulva models. We are also always open to new product ideas.
If you are interested, simply contact us directly.

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